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  • Ranjan Ojha is the founder of Nepal School of Entrepreneurship; a private business and design school for leadership and entrepreneurship which aims to provide qualitative 'Entrepreneurially-Oriented' & ‘Opportunity-Driven' educational programs. Ranjan Ojha is also the founding president of Nepal Music Festival (NGO) since 2012 and Social Cafe - an Offline Hub based in Gairidhara Kathmandu.

    Ranjan is a character who is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and manifests his values through actively founding projects around entrepreneurship that commit to the holistic development of Nepal. He spent 10 years in Denmark where he coloured his and have academic portfolio in an Academy Profession Degree in Leadership and Management, Diploma in Leadership, BA Honours in Strategic Management and MSc, International Business & Management. He was also a guest student in International Development Studies. Ranjan’s core expertise are within the areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, organizational leadership, business consulting and political economy. He is a strong believer in himself and in the power of youth; embodying an indestructible conviction that, where intention and passion is present, our generation has the collective ability to bring about a meaningful social change through sustainable development processes.


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