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Modern day society is living in an era of ample disruption, where social, environmental and economic systems are demanding vital change. Economic crises, environmental destruction and social inequalities, indicate only a few of the numerous negative impacts that current business models have intertwined into the lives of our communities.

In order to change the course of these events, current time demands innovative thinking as well as new ways of doing for our organisations. Therefore, this is the time to break free, to dream again, to re-learn, to have fun, and to create outstanding projects that transform the world.

Amidst this dynamic shift in the global mindset, the event industry embodies a potent sense of power to attract people and to generate economic resources. In the U.S. alone, the event industry produced $280 billion in 2016, contributing a higher portion to GDP than air transportation, movie production, music recording and spectator sports collectively. As this figure suggests, events demonstrate to have a large potential to inspire action towards change - so why are they not currently standing in the fore frontal spotlight acting as role models for others to follow?

The Nepal Music Festival (NMF) is an example of one of these selective events that is already engaging in efforts to advocate sustainable change. The voluntarily run NMF is considered to be one of the most successful music events in Nepal, with a portfolio of four editions and an attraction for over 13.000 visitors in 2016. The festival’s vision is built on a trilogy of pillars; values that shape its’ intention to empower People to preserve Peace and encourage Progress for Nepal.

Inspired by NMF´s example, in association with three educational organizations - Once in a LifeTime Events, Nepal School of Entrepreneurship, and Kaospilots – an educational programme has been born. A programme coined Strategic Project Management-Leadership for Change towards Sustainability.

We collectively believe that events which do not place predominant importance on the profit component, but devote equal focus to the preservation of the planet and the well being of its people, have the potential to change the world.

Nonetheless, events are not exclusive in their nature from any other corporation. By learning the key elements that have the ability to unleash innovation, change can be replicated, spread and scaled up to fit any project, community, environment and the entire planet. Join this life changing adventure!


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